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Rev. Bev's Retirement Announcement

July 2020

To All Members of the Westdale Congregation:

As you no doubt know, Rev. Bev has announced her retirement effective December 2020.

Thus, a Community of Faith Profile and Recruitment Team has been formed, representing a cross section of our congregation.  The Team’s purpose is to engage a new minister for Westdale, who will build upon the excellent work Rev. Bev. has been accomplishing over the past six years.

This Team includes: Stephanie MacDonald (Chair), Mary-Lynn Koekkoek (Vice-Chair), Caroline deHaan, Karen Earle, Kim Fenton, Ross Fitchett, Bonnie Henson, Shelby Hosick, Paul Mitchell, Ian Moffat and Sharla Trudell.  Ex officio members are; Rev. Bev, Ashley LeBel, John MacDonald, Girv Devitt and Kathy McDermid.

Periodically, we will share with you, our progress along this journey.  We are also hopeful that Westdale members will contribute to our task.

There are specific United Church of Canada guidelines as to how we go about recruiting a new minister and one of several steps to be taken is to solicit and discuss collective views, needs and outlook for the future with you, the Westdale congregation.

Viewpoints on who we are, what we are all about, what is our current and future place in the broader community and our goals for the future, are all important ideas the Team will include in a Profile, or advertisement, being developed to appeal to a new minister. Your points of view, ideas and concepts about Westdale are important, and necessary.

Thus, members of our Team will gather input through a variety of ways; email, telephone, questionnaires and so on, over the next few months.  We look forward to your participation in this most important time in Westdale’s history.

Thanks very much,

Stephanie MacDonald


October 2020 - UPDATE

The Community of Faith Profile and Recruitment Team would like to thank all those members of the Westdale congregation for their survey contributions.

Your time spent and suggestions and comments are most appreciated. The Team now has the task of examining the information and preparing a submission to the United Church hub in the hopes it will attract new candidates to follow in Rev. Bev’s footsteps.

The Team will keep all members up-to-date as progress is made through-out this journey.

Thanks again.