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Welcome To Westdale

The congregation of Westdale United Church lives into its 3rd decade with a continued vibrancy that was obviously evident when it all began with such devoted members!

The Mission Statement of Westdale United Church states,  ‘ As a Christian community, we seek to honour God and to care for one another daily.  We are called to live our faith and to grow spiritually by learning and applying the teachings of the scriptures.’

Members have come to believe in their church and in their faith providing them with an anchor which guides their lives and calls them in the Way of Jesus Christ to work toward hope, justice and peace for all of creation.  Come in and join the journey of faith and spiritual growth.


*** Our office and church building are now closed and

Sunday worship has been suspended until further notice.

Please stay connected if you have any questions or need support

by calling 705-743-9911 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


*** Follow our Sunday morning worships on YouTube by searching Westdale United Church


Dear Westdale Folk,


As many of you will have heard the Provincial Government announced on June 8th that worship facilities can begin to reopen.  On behalf of myself and the Unified Board this note briefly outlines that there is more than meets the eye to reopening.  While it is easy to close, it is difficult and a longer-term prospect to reopen in light of keeping everyone safe and prevent an outbreak. Worship will not simply be reinstated in the format we are used to. 

In order to facilitate the in-depth measures that are required by the Peterborough Health Unit toward the church reopening the Board feels strongly that it is better to do this in a well-planned, gradual way.  Therefore, the Board is planning to reopen the building in September. 

 In the meantime, we’ll continue YouTube worship and you will be kept advised of news toward reopening through the weekly YouTube worship, email, or phone call.  Please E-Mail me or Ashley via the posted office account if you have any needs or concerns that we can help with.  Continue to take good care of yourself and others during this unprecedented time. 


Rev Bev & Ashley LeBel, Chair of the Unified Board